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DIY Best Friends Reverse Canvas

Yesterday I attempted my first reverse canvas.  I used a small 5.5″ x 7.5″ canvas that I got from the dollar store, and paired it with my Best Friends Are Hard To Find SVG.

I used a knife to cut my canvas from the wood, and struggled a bit to get the staples out.  I used a flathead screwdriver to get underneath them, and quickly realized I need to pick myself up a staple remover the next time I’m at the store.  I made sure I cut my canvas small enough that it wouldn’t stick out past the outer edge of my frame, but big enough that I would have enough material to re-attach it.

Next, I painted my frame.  I didn’t have any stain on hand, so I used brown paint.  It was a little dark, so lightly brushed on a light taupe color, just to give it a bit of a distressed look.

I then cut my quote out in vinyl and attached it to my canvas to paint.  I used a cheap sponge brush that I found at a dollar store to dab on my grey paint.  (My vinyl was vinyl shelf liner that I picked up at the Dollar Tree, and I used clear shelf liner as my transfer tape.)  I knew painting my canvas was going to be a bit risky, because I had a feeling it would run under my vinyl a bit, which it did.  Perhaps spray paint would work better, or I’ve seen people use heat transfer vinyl, which looked great!  I think I’ll try that next time, I just don’t know if it’ll melt the cheap dollar tree canvas.  Once my paint was dry I stapled my canvas onto my frame.  Remember that the original back of your canvas will now be your front!

When I cut my graphic, I hid the leaves and hearts, and cut them separately out of cardboard, using my Cricut machine.  I cut 3 of each, and stacked them together, to create chipboard die cuts.  I painted them a bright blue, and super glued them onto my canvas.

All in all it turned out not too bad.  Like I said, next time I wouldn’t paint it, or maybe I’ll try spray paint.  Hopefully you’ll give it try, because they turn out pretty cute, and are an inexpensive sign to make!


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Caution Our Dogs Can’t Hold Their Licker Sign

We have two little dogs at home, Kasey and Kniko (the K is silent), who are both Chiweenies.  They’re adorable, and they love to lick, which can be a little annoying at times.  One of them is very quick about it too.  I thought this quote, Caution My Dogs Can’t Hold Their Licker, was pretty funny, so I created an SVG of it.

I made a little sign for our entryway using a Dollar Tree sign I’d picked up at Christmas.  Instead of using the front of it, I flipped it over and used the back, this way it would look sort of like a reverse canvas sign.

I painted the outer edge grey, and the inside a light taupe color called Lake Fog by Martha Stewart.  Once dried, I did a light sanding over everything to get the wood as smooth as possible for painting in my letters, and hopefully preventing the paint from running.  I then added a layer of water-based clear coat over everything to seal it.  I knew I was taking a risk by doing this, because I wasn’t sure if my paint would adhere to it when it was time to fill in my letters.  I was worried though, that if I didn’t, my vinyl stencil would peel the paint off when I removed it.

For my stencil I used clear shelf liner from the Dollar Tree.  It works great!  The only issue is if you use clear vinyl for your stencil, it’s hard to see the letters when you put your clear transfer tape, or vinyl, over top.  I used a light grey marker I had on hand to outline the outermost letters of my stencil so I could still see where my letters were, and where to place it on my sign.  To fill in my letters I used a black paint pen, and went over each letter twice.  The first time was looking a little weird from the clear coat, but the second time darkened them in just fine.

As you can see from the photo, my paint did run under my vinyl a bit, so I did some touching up with my Lake Fog color, and a fine tip paint brush.

To finish it off, I did a another layer of clear coat over my phrase, and hot glued on a little bow that I made out of jute string.  I think it turned out pretty cute, and was super inexpensive to make!

You can find my Caution Our Dogs Can’t Hold Their Licker here:

You can find other versions of this phrase here:

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DIY Dollar Tree CREATE Sign

I wanted to create a little sign to add to the shelf on my new peg board, so I used an old Valentine’s Day sign that I had gotten from the Dollar Tree earlier this year.








I removed the hearts, and gave it a quick sanding.  I then painted it with my Americana Decor chalky finish paint in Vintage.  It’s a really pretty, light dusty green color.

I wanted my letters to pop out a little, like chipboard, so I used some cereal boxes which I’ve been collecting for projects like this.  I cut down all of the cereal boxes we go through, because they’re so easy to cut with my Cricut to create chipboard letters and embellishments.

My first tip when cutting out cardboard is to place it picture side up on your mat, so the blade cuts through the cereal box graphic first.  I found when I put it logo side down, the blade doesn’t always cut through that piece of paper.  If you do this, and want your finished letter to be plain cardboard on top, and not the logo, simply flip your image before you cut it in your program.

I cut out three of each letter to glue together, plus one in my paper of choice.  I have the Cricut Maker and it has different options of materials to cut out.  Cereal Box is actually one of the options, but I find it doesn’t cut deep enough, so I use the light chipboard option.  Once the letters are done cutting, I don’t touch anything, and I push the Cut button again on my Cricut to go around each letter a second time just to make sure everything cuts out all the way through.

Once all my letters were cut out, I mod podged them all together.  I gave each one a good press to get out any air bubbles (I rolled over each of mine with a glue stick), and you could also put them under something heavy for a little while to give them some extra pressure and drying time.  I didn’t bother with that step, and mine stuck together just fine.

Then, to finish off your chipboard letters, glue on your top scrapbook paper letters, or simply paint each letter.  To mount my letters onto my piece of wood, I set them in place first get them where I wanted them, and hot glued each one on.

I love how my chipboard letters turned out.  They’re thick, durable, and easy to make.  It’s a little time consuming with all the cuts, but well worth it.  They were perfect for create my Dollar Tree sign makeover!

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New Christmas SVG Files

Merry Christmas crafters!  Today I’m sharing with you some of my latest Christmas SVG files, which you can use to add to your holiday crafts and projects.  I still can’t believe we’re already into December!  I’ve been working on some new Christmas decorating ideas around the house this year, and have been inspired by all the beautiful tiered trays and Dollar Tree ideas I’ve seen online.  I’ll post some of the Christmas DIYs I’ve been working on soon.

Some ideas for using my Christmas SVG files are Christmas cards, signs, heat transfer logos, mugs, and gift tags.  These SVG files can be cut out with machines like the Cricut Explore, Cricut Maker, and the Silhouette Cameo.  Or, you can simply print these graphics with your printer at home, and add them to a cute a frame.  There are just so many cute and festive ideas out there!  To view the graphics above simply follow these links:

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Have A Holly Jolly Christmas

Baby It’s cold Outside

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 

When creating your craft projects you don’t have to keep my files as is.  They can be re-worked in your program to fit your desired shape.  For example, I used my Baby It’s Cold Outside coffee cup graphic to create this cute sign.  But, instead of keeping it as it, I un-grouped it in my Cricut program, and placed the phrase and snowflakes outside of my cup.

I purchased a sign from the Dollar Tree, and painted it with white paint.  I then added gray lines to make it look like beadboard, and more gray around the edges and front of the sign to give it a rustic, farmhouse look.

My cup was cut out of 3 pieces of cardboard, which I got from cereal boxes, and the lid and sleeve were cut out 3 times each as well, just to give my sign a little dimension.  Each piece was glued together with mod podge, then painted brown and red.  I did, however, mod podge some fun Christmas paper onto my sleeve for extra color.  Little white highlights were painted around the edges of my cup with a tiny paintbrush and white paint.  To finish off the cup, I added a little red bow, a wooden snowflake (which I got from the dollar store), and some Christmas greenery.

My Cricut machine was also used to cut out the text of my Christmas SVG file in vinyl, to use as a stencil.  I painted the text blue, and again, used my fine tip brush and white paint to add some highlights to the letters.  I then cut the snowflakes out of silver, glittery vinyl, and added them around my sign.

So, now you see how you can easily re-work my SVG files to create your own desired look and unique project!

Before I go, I’d like to note that all of my Christmas SVG files are currently on sale, so head on over to my SHOP to check them out, along with all the other fun designs I have to offer!  You can also follow me of Facebook for more updates, and to see what my Crafty Canada Studio customers are also creating with my files.

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Hello Fall Sign

I recently added a new Hello Fall SVG to my Crafty Canada Studio shop.  It includes fun fonts, and a cute pumpkin silhouette.  I decided to make a little sign using this design for my counter.  I paired it with a quick sock gnome that I made, as well as some stacked books I did using my Pumpkin Spice Season SVG as a stamp.

For my sign, I used a piece of MDF wood measuring approximately 9″ high by 5″ wide, and painted it Terrace White from C I L paints.  I then distressed the edges with distress ink to give it a more rustic, farmhouse look.

I cut my Hello Fall SVG out in vinyl using my Cricut Maker at approximately 7″ high by 4″ wide.  (This design works great if you can do it around this size or bigger because of the narrow curls on the pumpkin.  It may not cut as well in smaller designs.)  I weeded my image, and used some clear shelf liner that I found at the Dollar Tree as my transfer tape.  This is perfect because it’s transparent, and cheap!  You may need to use something to pull parts of the design away from your transfer tape and onto your board, as the vinyl doesn’t always pull away that easily.  I personally use a sewing pin.  I do have the Cricut pick, but actually prefer to use my pin.

Once my vinyl stencil was on my board, I used a cheap foam dabber that I bought at another dollar store, and dabbed black paint all over my design.  I let it dry and did it a second time to give it good coverage.  Once that was dry I carefully pulled my vinyl off of my board.  For some reason when I did this it pulled away a bunch of my white paint.  I’m thinking I didn’t let it dry long enough before putting on my stencil.  I actually didn’t mind how it looked, because it gave it even more of a rustic look!

To finish off my sign, I added a piece of orange ribbon to the top.  And there you have it, a cute fall sign!

Hello Fall with Pumpkin SVG here:

Pumpkin Spice Season SVG: